Independence Day!

4th-flag (1)

This Saturday, July 4th, the market invites all friends and neighbors down to celebrate Independence Day with us. We will have a festive parade, beginning at noon. Our parade will feature color guards, a choir, dance troupes, veterans, musicians, and even features a Patriotic Pet parade!

Our vendors have created many special items for the day, and include red-white-blue treats of every variety!

If you would like to bring your patriotic pet down to join in the parade, please meet us at the corner of 4th and Cedar Streets no later than 11:45.

We hope you all have a safe and fun-filled holiday weekend, recalling the strength of friendship and community. We all do better when we all do better. :)

Manager’s Message: 6/19

Summer begins this weekend, and it’s Dad’s Day, too! Come down to see for yourself the bounty of Mason County.. we are filled with a rich diversity of plant and animal life, and bursting with talent and skill!

” Greetings all!! Summer is winding up and so are we…starting with tomorrow. Come by the Information Booth with the kids so they can pick up their Fathers’ Day Surprise Kit for Dad. Next Saturday we will have our first Dental Health Day for the kids. We will be giving away dental kits, donated by Shelton’s Dental Offices, along with color books made to help educate kids in the proper ways to dental health. But biggest and best will be our 4th of July Celebration! There are big doin’s in the works and we will be sneaking out the details over the next couple weeks, for now let’s just say there will be decorations, give-a-ways, sales and celebrations galore as for the first time that we know of 4th of July falls on a Market day. Not to mention being the best place to get all the freshest place to get the fruits and veggies for your evening feast!!
Don’t forget to sneak a lunch the easy way before you have all that work to do for the nights affairs!
I am looking forward to seeing you all Saturday. Come, shop, mingle, meet new friends and say “Hello”. I love hearing from all of you.
Until next time,

Shellie’s News

“Could we ask for better weather for Market days? This Saturday promises to be lovely as can be and all of you can add to it for everyone. We are holding a Book Drive. Part of our Kids’ Day we hold on the first Saturday is to give every child a book. Our stock is running low. Although Treasures Bookstore has been very generous with all the books they donate, and we a grateful, we have more kids than ever and we don’t want to have any child left out. We are asking anyone who has children’s books just sitting on a shelf to bring them down this Saturday during the Market and drop them off at the Information Booth. We promise they will be given away and to a child who will be overjoyed to receive it. You would be amazed at how much time the kids spend going through the boxes to find just the right book, how tightly the hold it as they walk through the of Market for the rest of the day smiling and showing it to the people they see. So please, if you can, bring us you gently used books. They will be loved by new children. Thank you.
Shellie “


Manager’s Message for June 5th

Hi everyone,
May was a wonderful month and as we move into June we can look forward to lovely days, ripe crops, excellent crafts, tasty foods, good music, fun and laughter.
As this coming Saturday is Kids’ Day, we will be having all the usual goodies and our craft project this month is to make a pony bead zipper pull. We will also have Dad’s Day cards and surprises for the kids later in the month.
Saturday we welcome back the Pine Top Pickers to entertain you. Be sure you to bring your appetite with you as we have ready to eat foods and fresh made Italian Sodas to beat the heat.
See you all Saturday.

The Word from Shellie

Greetings All,
We have had 2 wonderful weeks to kick off what is sure to be a great season. Our vendors are ‘all in there places, with bright shiny faces’ (to quote an old poem, guess my age shows sometimes). We have even more new vendors each week, including this week as we are joined by Hoodsport Winery.
We are kicking off a season long campaign to collect Campbell’s Soup Labels and Box Tops for Education (found on many different food labels). If you will just cut them off the labels and drop them off at the Information Booth when you come to the Market, we will be turning them in to the school district at the end of the season. The points will be split between the elementary schools to be used for what ever the schools need most. Our goal is to reach at least 1000 combined labels. With your help we believe we can reach that goal! So if you have kids or if you don’t it is a simple way to help our schools and the kids. For more information stop by the booth or contact me directly.
Thanks and see you at the Market.

Market Update 5/8

” What an amazing day we had for Opening Day. The sights, sounds and smells were something to behold!! The weather was perfect and it will be again tomorrow as we go for a repeat with even more new vendors and more returning vendors.
If that isn’t enough for you we will have ROXY radio broadcasting live from the
Market as we are participating in the Letter Carriers Annual Food Drive. Please help us help our neighbors by coming down, enjoying the day at the Market and dropping off a non-perishable food item. Our area is one of particularly high need in the state, so please lend a hand. While you are here, stop by the Information Booth so the kids can pick up a surprise for mom for Mothers’ Day.
It will be a perfect day and the perfect place to find a unique gift for mom. We will be waiting for you.

A message from the market manager, Shellie…

It’s down to the wire now! One week until Opening Day and what a season this promises to be!! For the first time SFM will be on two streets. With the return of so many of our favorite vendors and many new vendors, there is such a wide range of product.
There is excitement around the Market itself because of all the new changes. We have a fresh new look to our signs, website and Facebook page and an active new feel. Each week will have something happening. As always, the first Saturday of each month will be Kids’ Day with better than ever handouts and projects. In addition, once a month we will be hosting a Community Service Event  beginning with May 9th. When we will join with ROXY Radio and Letter Carriers for their Annual Food Drive, so please remember to bring a nonperishable food donation with you. Our neighbors need our help. There will also be a surprise at the Information Booth for the kids to take home for Mother’s’ Day.
There are still some booths available for those who wish sell their produce or wares. As always we will also be conducting our Community Garden Booth. Feel free to contact me for information.
This season will be full and very active. It wouldn’t be the same without you!
Be sure to stop in this Saturday, May 2nd in downtown Shelton at 3rd and Franklin Streets!